It’s rare that I want to strangle my wife. Usually, after we go head-to-head, I’d rather pin her to the bed, rip off whatever excuse for panties she has on, and remind her exactly how I handle my mouthy woman. But this time is different.
“For the love of God, Holly, if you tell me I’m not allowed to get you anything for your birthday one more time, I’m going to take Rose and not tell you where we go—for at least four hours.”
My threats have lost a touch of power since becoming a father, but you wouldn’t know it from the way Holly’s brows dive together.
“Really? Four hours, Crey? So basically just long enough for her to need me again?” Her lips part and laughter spills out.
“You’re such a marshmallow now.” She shoots me a wink as she lifts our daughter out of her swing. “But don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone you’re not the scary billionaire I married anymore.”
My tone turns gravelly. “You better watch that smart mouth, wife-of-mine, or I’ll find something better for you to do with it.”
She covers Rose’s ears before shooting a pointed look at me. “Don’t threaten me with a good time, especially not until she’s fed and asleep again. It’s not like you can deliver on it right now anyway.” With that, she turns her back on me and heads down the hallway toward the family wing of our Nashville home. As she strides away, her laughter echoes. “Don’t worry, baby girl. Daddy was talking about feeding us strawberries and champagne. But no champagne for you. Not until you’re forty.”
I can’t help the smile that tugs at the edge of my scowl.
Somehow, I would get her to give me free rein on her birthday next week. I refused to let it be anything less than amazing. Because that’s exactly what she was—amazing.


From the doorway of her new office, I watch my wife as she tucks a pencil in her messy bun and spins her chair to stare out over the city skyline, never missing a beat on her conference call. Something about Holly the CEO is just as sexy as the first time I saw her on stage. She commands the attention of a crowd when she has a microphone in her hand, and I’m equally impressed with how she handles herself in a business setting.
I shift in the doorway, and she snaps her chin toward the door, eyes lighting up when she sees me standing there.
“I think we’ll be able to come up with a deal that makes sense for everyone.” Her eyes dip to my belt. “I’ve got a hard stop right now, so let’s pick this discussion up again next week.”
She ends the call moments later, and I step into her office.
“A hard stop, huh?”
Her lips curl into a smile. “A girl can hope. After all, we nailed a fantasy of yours when I gave you a blow job under your desk on that Asia call.”
She spread her legs in her chair, and her skirt slid an inch up her thighs. “Feel free to return the favor any time.”
I take another step toward her. “Is that what you fantasize about now? Me, on my knees in front of you?”
Holly bites her lip and then grins. “I’m sure not going to say no.”
“When’s your next call?”
Her smile falters. “Dammit, I don’t have any more.”
“Then I guess you’re going to have to let me make some other fantasies come true.” I close the remaining distance between us. “Stand up and close your eyes. Your birthday surprise starts now.”
Holly’s eyes go wide. “What? I thought we decided we were going to do things low-key tonight. Just dinner at home—”
I shook my head. “You deserve more, and I’m going to give it to you.”
“But Rose—”
“Is with Tana and Mick and their nanny for the night. I arranged everything.”
“Without asking me?”
I pin her with a stare. “Sweetheart, when did you get the idea that I was going to start asking for permission to do whatever I want with you?”
“Bossy billionaire,” she mumbles.
“And you love it. Now stand up.”
I put fifty-fifty odds on whether or not she will comply, but apparently, it’s my lucky day because Holly rises to her feet.
“She does still follow orders.”
“Only because I’m banking on the fact that orgasms are going to be a direct result. Don’t disappoint me…”
I huff out of a laugh and pull the silk blindfold from the pocket of my trousers and hold it out.
“I promise there will be no disappointment.”
Her eyes go wide, at least for the remaining moments before I cover them and secure the blindfold behind her head. I inhale her scent and press my lips to the pulse beating in her neck. “You’re even more beautiful today than you were the first night I decided I had to have you. Do you remember how I took you up to your hotel room and drank Bushmills from your pussy?”
My dick goes hard at the memory as Holly’s breathing quickens.
“I remember.”
“Tonight we’re making new memories.”



Oh Lord. Creighton’s dirty mouth never fails. I’m blind beneath the dark silk, but I don’t have to see him to be aware of the heat coming off his body or the spicy scent of dangerous man.
“What exactly are we doing tonight?”
His breath ghosts over my ear. “You’ll find out.”
My nipples tighten nearly to the point of pain. Since Rose was born, our bedroom activities have been somewhat limited, and our out-of-bedroom activities have been practically non-existent. I can’t lie—I’ve missed it, and I want it back. I also know just how to push my husband’s buttons.
“You think you get to call the shots here?”
His low growl sends shivers over my skin. “I know I do.” I sense movement a split-second before my body is lifted into the air. “You’re mine, and it’s clearly time to remind you what that means.”
Memories of sucking his cock in the limo that first night in Vegas hit me hard and my panties are a lost cause. I was so nervous around the husband I barely knew, but something in me craved his dominance, even though I didn’t understand it at the time. Now, I have a better handle on it. And him.
We both need this. To reconnect. To reclaim what we’ve been missing.
I’m ready.
“Then you better get to it.”
Minutes later, Creighton slides me into the back seat of what I assume is a limo, and anticipation charges through me like an electrical current. I reach up for the blindfold, only thinking to remove it so I can get to him, but his hands on mine stop me.
“You’re keeping it on until I give you permission to take it off.”
That tone—the gravely, bossy one—is designed to make me squirm.
Crey moves, his presence disappearing from beside me, but his hands land on my knees.
“You spread your legs for me in your office, but I prefer to eat your pussy in the back of a limo tonight. Maybe I’ll make you scream loud enough for all the people outside to hear you. Then they’ll know their sweet country star is a naughty fucking girl.”
My pulse trips, and it’s not just his words, but the palms sliding up my inner thighs. One fingertip drags over the lace.
“Dripping for me.” Creighton’s shoulders press my legs further apart as he inhales. “This juicy cunt is begging for me. I wonder how long it’ll take you to beg.”
I hold back the whimper ready to spill from my lips. His dirty words and the swipe of his finger over my clit with nothing but my panties shielding it has me bucking up toward his mouth.
His teeth drag over the fabric as he breathes me in. “I don’t take orders. I give them.” With a tug, he pulls my panties to the side. “This gorgeous pussy is all mine. But you won’t come until you beg me to. Understand me, Holly? I’ll put you over my lap and spank that ass if you do.”
Heat bursts through me like someone has unleashed a firestorm. “Your threats don’t scare me.” My voice shoots up an octave as one of Crey’s fingertips dips into my entrance.
“Try me. See what happens.”
And then onslaught begins. Creighton devours me, tongue driving me wild as he plunges a finger inside, curling it forward to hit the spot he knows I can’t resist. His lips close around my clit as he sucks, and there’s no way to stop the orgasm or do anything but yell his name as my fingers bury in his hair.
My body shakes as he pulls away.
“Naughty girl. I told you to beg.” He plunges two fingers inside, drawing out the limb-weakening pleasure, and as soon as the shimmers begin to dissipate, I find myself flipped over his lap. Ass in the air, completely uncovered, as he rips my panties off.
Smack. The first stinging slap to my cheek adds a sharpness to the pleasure that multiplies it exponentially. He’s manhandling me. Owning me. And I love it.
“Are you going to follow the rules? Have you learned your lesson?”
I’m feeling daring tonight. “No. You better keep trying.”
A sound rumbles in his chest that I can’t quite identify, but instead of him landing another slap on my ass, Creighton’s big hand covers it and massages the tingling skin before his fingers slip between my legs and plunge inside me from behind.
The unexpected move has me arching and twisting, not sure whether I’m trying to push closer or move away. My body has ceased taking my commands and is fully under Creighton’s control.
“You’re going to come for me again, but I want more. Harder. Longer. My name on your lips.”
His finger slides out of me and covers my clit, but his thumb…. Oh Lord. His thumb circles that back entrance that hasn’t been touched in months.
I tense, and Creighton notes it immediately.
“You think I’ve forgotten about this perfect ass? How tight it feels when I finally push inside? I think we’re going to need to loosen this sweet little hole up again so you’re ready for me.”
His thumb presses against it but doesn’t penetrate. I’m writhing on his lap as his fingers master my clit and an orgasm is waiting in the wings.
“Tell me, Holly. Tell me you want my cock in your ass. That you’ve missed how dirty and delicious it makes you feel when I own every inch of you.”
“I’ll tell you whatever you want. Please, just let me—”
His fingers go lax for a moment. “Tell me whatever I want… Hmmmm. Now that’s quite the offer.”
“Don’t stop!”
The pressure on both my clit and my ass returns. “Which one? Where do you want me?”
“Then tell me you’ll let me give you whatever I want for your birthday. No limits. No rules.”
Sometimes the way this man’s mind works doesn’t make sense. “Fine. Whatever you want. I don’t care.”
“Good girl.”
He pinches my clit between two fingers and increases the pressure on my back entrance, and the orgasm shatters me. My scream echoes in the limo.


I don’t know why I’m surprised when Creighton removes my blindfold, and we’re on the tarmac of a private airport with one of the Karas International jets waiting for us.
I turn and look at Crey. “Really? Is this necessary?”
His only response is a smile as he leads me up the stairs and inside the plush cabin.
“Where are we going?”
“Wherever I want to take you.”
“But Rose—”
He holds up a finger, and I go silent. “Do you think I’d allow our daughter to be anything other than perfectly cared for?”
He’s right, and I’m being unfair by worrying. Then again, I’m a new mom… so all bets are off.
“I know, but—”
“She’s fine. I promise. Now enjoy, and we’ll be there soon.”
The jet barely gets to cruising altitude before it’s landing again, and I recognize the familiar runway and low metal building that serves as a terminal.
Gold Haven. My hometown.
“What are we doing here?”
“You’ll see.” Creighton’s smile tells me that he has something planned, and I want to know what it is.
We climb into a rental car, and he drives toward the Four Corners, or what the residents of Gold Haven call the sum total of downtown. I expected him to head to my gran’s old house, which we still kept up.
“Are we having dinner with Banner? You know I love that nut.”
Creighton wouldn’t confirm or deny.
Finally, we reached the intersection that’s been familiar my whole life, but a massive new building stands just down the road from the post office.
Cars line both sides of the street and people gather around the front door.
“What is that? Logan’s new shop?” But that answer definitely isn’t right, because that building is across the street, triple the size it used to be.
“No. Look.”
The stone building has a name carved above the massive doors.
Rosemary Wickman Memorial Community Center
Tears burn in my eyes.
“What did you do, Crey?” My voice trembles.
“Arranged a fitting tribute to the woman who raised the most amazing person I’ve ever met. Happy Birthday, Holly.”
Tears tip over my lids as I shake my head “How did you? When?”
“I have my ways.”
We pull up behind the building and a tour bus sits near the back door. “What’s going on?”
“The dedication is tonight, along with a charity concert.”
Creighton parks and pulls me out of the car. “Who’s playing? I’m not ready—”
“Your entire team is inside waiting for you. Along with Tana and Mick, who have Rose with them.”
He holds up a hand. “I flew them down, along with Rose and the nanny. Everything’s fine.”
“Wait. That’s Boone’s bus, isn’t it?”
Creighton nods. “And his friend Zane Frisco tagged along. Now let’s get you inside. The show starts in an hour.”


My husband never ceases to surprise me. Shock me. Make me fall in love with him all over again.
This entire night has been surreal. A concert in my hometown, which I understand has raised over fifty thousand dollars, and each attending artist has pledged to match it with donations of their own. All the money will go to the Gold Haven schools’ arts and music programs, which desperately needed the help and will be funded for years to come.
I’m last, which is probably for the best because I’ve had to have my makeup fixed four times already. Damn sweaty eyes.
I step out on stage and the entire auditorium erupts into cheers and applause. Everyone rises to their feet.
“Wow. That’s one heck of a welcome! Thank you, Gold Haven! I’m so happy to be here tonight, but I have to say, none of the credit for this amazing project belongs to me. One man made this all possible, and I’m blessed to call him mine.” I look toward the wings. “Creighton Karas, everyone.”
I hold out my arm in his direction and he walks on to the stage and stops beside me in front of the mic stand.
Instead of speaking to the crowd, his words are amplified for all to hear, but they are directed at me. “That’s where you’re wrong, Holly. This is all because of you. Tonight is to honor the woman who raised you and the town that ultimately sent you into my path. For that, I will be forever grateful because you and our daughter are my everything.”

The crowd lets out a collective awwww and my makeup is once again in danger.
He presses a kiss to my cheek and, away from the microphone, he whispers into my ear, “Happy birthday, Holly. Thank you for making my life into the amazing thing it is today. I love you.”
Happy tears tip over my lids as I lift the mic.
“Sorry, guys. You can’t have him. He’s all mine. Now, who wants to hear some more country music?”

The End

I hope you enjoyed this dirty birthday surprise featuring Creighton and Holly from the Dirty Billionaire Trilogy!