New York Times bestseller!

From New York Times bestselling author Meghan March comes Savage Prince. Get ready to fall for this deliciously forbidden hero. 

I do what I want and who I want. I don’t follow anyone’s rules—even my own. 

I knew I shouldn’t touch her, but it didn’t stop me. 

Didn’t stop me the second time either. Only made me want a third. 

My lifestyle suits the savage I am, and she doesn’t. 

But Temperance Ransom is my newest addiction, and I’m nowhere near ready to quit her yet. 

I’ll have her my way, even if it means dragging her into the darkness. 

Hopefully it doesn’t kill us both.

Savage Prince is the first book in the Savage Trilogy. Both Iron Princess and Rogue Royalty are also available now for your binge-reading pleasure. 

Complete Trilogy Now Available!

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