Greer Karas’ best friend Banner doesn’t expect to fall for a good guy who works with his hands for a living, but love doesn’t play by her rules in the Real Good Duet.

Start your journey today and find out why fans go CRAZY over the sexy, rugged, and all-around good guy, Logan Brantley!



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Real Good Duet

A high-energy party girl and a handsome small-town mechanic fall for each other in this sexy duo of listens from a New York Times bestselling author! Logan and Banner’s chemistry is off the charts — but can their red-hot connection extend beyond the bedroom?

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I met her when I was sixteen.
She saved my life, all while simultaneously destroying it.
Without her, I would’ve died that day.
Her family took me in. They hid me. Fed me. And did all they could to keep me safe.
Her father’s one and only rule was “Don’t ever touch my daughter.”
I managed to obey for four years.
But then, one night…everything changed, and I broke my promise.
I’m in love with her, and she’s in love with me, but I have secrets I haven’t told her.
Secrets about why I ran away from home, why I have to remain hidden, and why I’ll die if I ever get sent back there.
Being with her isn’t just a risk to my heart but to my very existence.
I’m not allowed to love her.
I’m not allowed to keep her.
But I can’t stop.
I can’t stop…
And then…it’s too late.