Stories For Kids Who Aren’t Afraid To Be Different

Meet The Incredible Beatrice

In a world of ordinary, why not be extraordinary? Meet Beatrice…she’s not like anybody else.

We wanted a book we would have loved as kids – so we made it! Partnering with renowned tattoo artist Josh Woods, Jake & Meg knew they could create a world where every kid could celebrate their uniqueness. Why be like everybody else? That’s boring. We love weird, we like unusual & we know Beatrice will help families appreciate each other for how special they truly are.

Why you'll love our Children's Books

Compelling characters

Beatrice has a story to tell & we can’t wait for you to read it! She is unique, amazing, sassy & bold – you’ll absolutely love her!


This is the book we all wish we could have had growing up. Finding your weird, embracing it & being who YOU are is the message we are passionate about kids today hearing.

It's Cool To Be Different

Beatrice is all about being different – & that’s amazing! Being different is THE BEST & we want every reader to show off their uniqueness!

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Making Dreams Come True

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Bringing Beatrice To Life

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Why Meg Loves Beatrice

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It's OK To Be Different

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Experience the captivating story of Beatrice


Josh Woods

Josh Woods used to sit at his kitchen table drawing while his Mom painted watercolors. His childhood dream was to illustrate children’s books! With the Beatrice series, that dream has come true. Also a world famous tattoo artist, featured in Ink Master Season 1, Josh lives in the land of sun with his beloved hairless cats, Beatrice & Bob.

Meghan March

Meghan March is a world-class storyteller & creative rebel. Known for over 41 bingeable books (including a shelf full of New York Times, Wall Street Journal & USA Today bestsellers), Meghan is passionate about inspiring a healthier mind, body & soul through positive inspiration. Living her own true love story, she & Jake want every person to feel empowered to make their fantasy a reality.
Living her own true love story, she wants readers to understand the beauty of imperfection & the power of creating a life filled with creativity & authenticity. She fully believes that anyone’s fantasy can become their reality.

Jake Wilson

Jake Wilson is a philosopher living the life of his dreams in the peaceful woods of the PNW with his soul mate. He’s a farmer, rancher, race car driver, model, & passionate about his wife, puppy, fitness, health, & tattoos.

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