Reflecting on Readers Take Denver❤️

April 4, 2023

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Wow. What a weekend! What an event!!!

After 5 years away from book signings and 3 years since my last fiction release, I truly had no idea what to expect at Readers Take Denver.

Was I going to be standing there all alone most of the day because people had forgotten about me?

The thought crossed my mind at least once or five times, despite my best efforts to focus solely on how excited I was to see the several SuperFans who I knew were coming to see us.

And then, one canceled at the last minute, and I thought… oh shit.

Thank God I focused on faith, not fear because there was NOTHING to fear.

I had decided I didn’t care if there were only five people in our panel or if we stood at our table alone most of the day. We were coming for the people who loved us, regardless of how many of those people there were or weren’t. I missed my audience. I missed hugging my readers. I missed that personal connection you can only get in person. THAT was why I was coming.

And let me tell you… IT WAS FUCKING AWESOME.

I must have hugged hundreds of people over the course of two days. Our panel was standing room only. The whole room was packed. The line at our table was constant. I signed for over 2 extra hours so we could get to everyone who wanted things signed. I saw people who I haven’t seen in 6 years who nearly brought me to tears just seeing them. I reconnected with old friends and my heart felt three sizes too big. It was INCREDIBLE. Absolutely perfect. Completely amazing. My heart is STILL overflowing.


What an experience. What beautiful connections we made. How many insanely amazing readers and fans we met. It was awesome.

If you were there—thank you from the bottom of my heart for coming to see us!!!!! I LOVED MEETING YOU MORE THAN YOU WILL EVER KNOW. Jake too. It was so freaking epic. We had so much fun sharing all of these amazing moments with you!!!! YOU INSPIRE ME.

If you weren’t there—I would have hugged the crap out of you and thanked you personally for being part of this journey.

I love you all. Every single freaking one of you. I’m so honored to be part of your world, and I am so grateful you’re part of mine.

Also, huge thanks to Lisa Renee Jones and her amazing team, as well as my incredible team, and all of the RTD volunteers. It took an army to pull this off. It was a beautiful weekend that I am so grateful I got to experience.

Now, off to recover, recharge, and get back to work!



Moments From Readers Take Denver!

RTD1 Meg Jake & fan
RTD2 Meg, Jake & fan
RTD3 Meg, Jake & fan
RTD Meg & Jen Sterling
RTD4 Meg, Jake & fan
RTD5 Meg, Jake & fan
Meg & Jake & fan RTD
Meg at RTD with CRGWAF elevator door graphic

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