A Creative Rebel’s Guide to Writing Amazing Fiction Update & Cover Reveal!

January 17, 2023

A Creative Rebel's Guide to Writing Amazing Fiction cover page

Hey beautiful friend!

I just sent my next release off to the proofreader and next week I’m heading into the studio to narrate it! Of all the books I’ve written, A Creative Rebel’s Guide to Writing Amazing Fiction is one of my very favorites. You see, I learned how to write books from reading books about writing books. I’m not joking. I’d read over 10,000 fiction novels, and I still didn’t really know how to write one and finish it. It was a few key writing craft books that showed me the final steps and tied it all together so I could write something worth reading. I wouldn’t be where I am without those authors who took the time to write those books, and I’m incredibly grateful for them. No one is more surprised than me that I wrote one though, but I literally couldn’t stop myself. It just poured out.

As you know, from reading my newsletters, there was a time when I didn’t know if I was going to write another fiction story. Some part of me was like—Megs, you have to share all this stuff you’ve learned with other people so they can write awesome books if you’re not going to write any more of yours. You can’t keep this stuff to yourself.

That’s how A Creative Rebel’s Guide to Writing Amazing Fiction was born. I finally didn’t care if anyone knew all my trade secrets, because what good would it do to keep them secrets if I wasn’t going to use them anymore? Even after I realized I was going to keep writing fiction (maybe forever, we’ll see 😄), I didn’t care about giving them all away. By that time, I’d learned the most important lesson of all—I can tell you everything I know about writing fiction and my exact creative process and troubleshooting fixes in as much detail as I possibly can and you’ll still be you, not me. Your books will be yours. My books will always be mine. We’re beautifully unique, each one of us. None of us can create the same things because we all have our own style and lens through which we look at the world. Our consciousness is more unique than our fingerprints. We are all on different paths, and what’s meant for me in this life is meant for me. What’s meant for you will come to you. It’s a beautiful and wild ride we’re on, my friends. Life is truly the craziest thing I’ve ever done.

So, here’s my contribution to your creative journey, if you’re on one. I’ve shared as much as I could possibly think of to help you on your way. I believe in your success, probably even more than you do. I want the best for you. I want your dreams to come true. The Creative Rebel’s Guide series is the best way I know how to help. We’re just going to keep telling you what we know, what we’ve learned, and what has helped us along the way on our journey in hopes that it assists you in some way on yours.

Thank you so much for coming along on this ride!

Sending love from the PNW,

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