Beautiful Everyday Moments❤️

August 2, 2022

So many of my musings are written and my videos are made after encounters with people in the outside world. I don’t get out much, as they say. But I do get out sometimes, and when I do, I so enjoy trying to light up every single person I meet. I have to admit, I’m not at my best 100% of the time. I’m human too. But, most days, I shine so freaking bright when I go out and about in the world. I try to make people’s days wherever I go. I’m myself, 100%, but I’m the best version of myself.

When I went to the dentist today, I was on 100%. I gave them the best me. I’m thought-provoking (so I say, they probably think I’m weird) and I talk about random and strange stuff, but man, people are smiling when I leave. They give me hugs, like yesterday at AlpinHaus, what Jake and I call our favorite ski outfitter in Sandpoint. And today, at the dentist, when Karen at the front desk told me how fun I was to talk to.

I’m world famous, right? I mean, among a small group of diehard romance fans and the people they’ve raved to about me (I love you guys so much), but I’m also normal. Well, weird, but normal enough. I go to the dentist. And I love the ladies at the front desk. They’re awesome. We have the best conversations. I’m totally myself with them, but I’m also author me. I’m on 100%. It’s so much fun.

Today, we talked about how much I love cannabis because of what it does for my creativity. It makes me so much less critical of my own ideas. My mind is open and allowing of crazy, amazing things, and doesn’t judge them and bin them before they make it into a proverbial pot on the stove of my mind for further attention. Lots of Meghan March books have been assisted by cannabis. Lots.

Today, we talked about Rick Simpson Oil and earthing. It was so much fun.

Those are small moments, right? The everyday ones? But they’re so beautiful. I get to be a ripple in the pond. I get to light people up. They’re in a better mood when I leave. They’re smiling. We’ve had some laughs. We’ve connected. It’s beautiful.

I love that stuff. I’m pretty sure it’s also the glue that holds civilization together. Being kind to someone and pumping them up can change their entire day.

Jake goes to get coffee at a little coffee stand over the border in Idaho often in the mornings to pump up the baristas. He listens to gospel or Bob Marley on the way there (I love my husband so much) and he’s 100% on when they open that little window. He pumps them up. He lights them up. He changes the trajectory of their morning. He knows they see people for hours. He knows that if they’re having a great day, they’re spreading cheer to tons of other people. He’s the same way at the grocery store too. He’s making ripples in the pond, and it’s beautiful.

For us, it’s not just going to the dentist or going to get coffee or getting groceries. It’s our small way of trying to help change the world every time we interact with it.

And when we see our friends picking up our habit…

That’s just another one of those beautiful everyday moments.




Our first egg! Jake is officially a chicken tender! He tends chickens. They love him so much, and they started laying eggs. Oh, and he shaved his beard off. What do y’all think?


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