Change of plans – I’m releasing it EARLY just for you!

March 9, 2023

Exciting news on multiple fronts today!! #MarchMagic is underway!!! First, I *finally* have enough time blocked out in my schedule that I think I can come really close to finishing my first draft of Redemption this month! Eeep! I’ve never been this excited to finish a book—maybe ever—just because I can’t wait to experience the rest of this incredible story myself. I get to take this rollercoaster ride first, and I cannot wait to share it with you later this year! It has been amazing to be back in Lachlan Mount’s world, and ohmygoodness, it’s the most fun I’ve had in AGES (other than driving race cars)! And to think, if I hadn’t taken the leap and written my first book, I might never have known what #MarchMagic feels like. Now that, my friend, would be a tragedy.

Did you know that ten years ago, the dream of my heart was to quit my job so I never again had to wake up to the awful shrill of an alarm clock, put on work clothes, do my hair and makeup, and drive to a place I didn’t like to do things I didn’t want to do?

Instead, I wanted to wake up naturally, lounge around in my pajamas, drink tea, maybe catch a workout or eat breakfast, and get paid to make up stories and write down the ones already in my head. True story!

If you’ve ever been on the same wavelength, I’m here to tell you it is 100% possible for those dreams to become reality, and my next book will help you get there.

I’m SO EXCITED to announce the upcoming *EARLY* release of my newest book baby, A Creative Rebel’s Guide To Writing Amazing Fiction.

crgwaf on a shelf

This awesome creative life takes work. It takes dedication. It takes believing in yourself. But you can totally do it.

Step one: Read the book.

Step two: Start your own creative journey. For real.

I couldn’t wait to release this book. I knew I had to get it to you. And because I just know in my gut this might be the very book you need to help your dreams come true, I’ve actually made some massive forward steps to get it to you even sooner.

On Wednesday, March 15th, you’ll be able to get your hands on A Creative Rebel’s Guide To Writing Amazing Fiction.


I am so freaking excited about this book that I’m releasing the ebook and the audiobook almost two weeks early on my website!

You know I’m always excited to release a new book. But somehow, this one and Redemption feel different. They feel like they’re being born at the perfect time and in the perfect way. This Creative Rebel’s Guide poured out of me, and I didn’t hold back anything. It’s packed full of truth and authenticity and what I really think has contributed most to my success as an author. I know someone needs this book. That someone might even be you. I can’t wait for it to be in your hands.

So mark your calendar to grab this baby next Wednesday, March 15th! I’ll be sending you everything you need to be one of the first to dive in!

I hope you’re as excited as I am! This is one coming straight from my heart to yours!

P.S. I also have ANOTHER VERY exciting announcement I’ll be revealing on Monday, so keep your eye out for that in your inbox! Eeeeep!


Have some questions about the book release? Let’s get those answered…

Q: What if I’ve already pre-ordered the book with my preferred retailer?

A: No problem! Your preorder will arrive as previously scheduled on March 28, 2023. However, if you want to read or listen to it earlier, you can cancel your preorder and purchase the ebook or audiobook on March 15th on

Q: How do I read or listen to a book purchased on

A: It’ll be super easy! You can read on your preferred ereader and to listen, all you have to do is download the BookFunnel app and your purchase will appear there right after you check out, ready to devour!

Q: Is this a one-time thing or will it become normal to release your books early on

A: Great question! I always want to get my work into the hands of my readers and listeners as soon as I possibly can, so I’m planning to release all of my upcoming work first on

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