Duet Highlight of the Month: Dirty Mafia Duet 🙌🏻

September 22, 2022

Drew Carson turned my world upside down when she walked into my club looking for a job. Now, my honor and my life are on the line. Going against my father’s wishes might buy me a bullet straight from his gun, but black sheep or not, it’s time to make my stand. She’s worth the fallout.

Have you met the black sheep of the Casso family?

Start your binge read today and find out why readers are calling Cannon their most favorite Meghan March hero yet!


In the infamous Casso crime family, that black sheep is me—Cannon Freeman.

Except I’m not a free man. I’ve never been free. Not since the day I was born.

I owe my loyalty to my father, Dominic Casso, even if he won’t publicly acknowledge me as his blood.

I’ve never had a reason to go against his wishes… until I met her.

Black Sheep

I never expected to be anyone’s white knight. That’s not a role I’ve ever played.

But when the Casso crime family shifts into uncharted territory, they’re looking for a new hero, and they’re looking for me—Cannon Freeman, the black sheep.

But my time in disgrace is at an end.

It’s my turn to rise up and save the people who matter most to me.

White Knight


Black Sheep gets a BOLD TEN THOUSAND SHOOTING STARS! Be prepared to fall in love with your NEW book boyfriend in Black Sheep!”

~ Marie’s Tempting Reads

EPIC. JAW-DROPPING. Meghan March knows how to do mafia romance!!”

~ Amazon Reviewer

“High intensity! Edgy and full of angst! So many twists and turns! Phenomenal book!”

~ Goodreads Reviewer

“Sexy, suspenseful, dark, and dangerous! A MUST-READ!!!”

~ Goodreads Reviewer


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