Duet Highlight of the Month: Magnolia Duet⚜️

August 25, 2022

Do you need something to read this weekend? The Magnolia Duet has everything! Second chances. Redemption. Anti-heroes. Badass heroine. And so much more awesome than I could possibly sum up. If you think the covers are as beautiful as I do, just wait until you read what’s inside. My most badass female character of all time finally met her match. If you haven’t fallen in love with Moses and Magnolia, now is the time! ♥️🙌🏻 Both books are available for your binge-reading pleasure this weekend!!

P.S. If you want CHILLS going down your spine while immersed in this story, then I suggest the audiobooks! HOLY FREAKING SH#T. 😱😱😱 Joe Arden and Erin Mallon NAILED THIS STORY!



A little-known fact about Creole Kingpin: I couldn’t write this book without going back to New Orleans first. I tried. I really did. But I couldn’t do it. I had to walk those streets, feel the vibe, and hear the sounds to make it as authentic as possible. Magnolia demanded it. Many of the scenes in Creole Kingpin were directly inspired by the trip, which was fabulous. Here are a few random moments from our trip, including a pic of Magnolia’s house in the French Quarter!!


Creole Kingpin was the tumultuous and incredibly sexy beginning to the dramatic Magnolia Duet. Showcasing a strong female character and a delicious hero who makes you want to do some very bad things, the story of Magnolia and Moses held me enchanted and at the same time, desperate for more. Second chances and romantic suspense set in the backdrop of New Orleans, this book is an escape like any other…

~ Nightbird Novels ~

The Magnolia Duet was a highly anticipated series for me and definitely started strong with Creole Kingpin! Meghan March promised a badass heroine and that’s exactly what she delivered in Magnolia Maison. That woman is so fierce and fearless! Moses was the villain in the Legend Trilogy, but I fell for this ruthless man with a heart of gold. He’s truly charming and devoted to Magnolia. Together they are explosive!!!

~ Book Maniac Forever ~


I AM SPEECHLESS absolutely STUNNED!!! Meghan has once again made unbelievable magic with her words woven together into this captivating, mesmerizing story!

~ Goodreads Reviewer ~

Creole Kingpin is a bone-chilling, soul-wrenching love story of suspense that will have you cracking a smile when you least expect it.

~ A Bibliophiles Desire, Jessie ~

Buckle your seatbelt. Guard your heart. Because Meghan March is going to take you to the ride of your lifetime and obliterate your heart in Creole Kingpin. This story is an explosive, jaw-dropping, adrenaline-fuelled, and passion-filled romance extravaganza.

~ PP Bookshelf ~

Holy smokes. Absolutely sensational. Magnolia and Moses will be your new obsession. This book will leave you reeling in your feelings.

~ Ky Reads Romance ~

I AM SPEECHLESS absolutely STUNNED!!! Meghan has once again made unbelievable magic with her words woven together into this captivating, mesmerizing story!

~ Melissa, Goodreads Reviewer ~


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