Happy New Year

January 2, 2023

I tried to write one of those “It’s a New Year” newsletters like I’ve been reading all week, but it felt way too forced and borderline cheesy. I write this newsletter about whatever feels inspiring at the moment, not what fits with the mainstream.

But, I didn’t want you thinking that I don’t wish you a Happy New Year. I absolutely do. But more than that, I pray for you to be blessed… every single day. Like literally. I include you in my daily prayers. I pray that you’re blessed for your highest good, in accordance with your needs, through unconditional love. I truly hope 2023 is our best year yet—you, me, and every soul on this planet.

I don’t know what’s going to happen. We live in the craziest time I never could have imagined. But I’ve realized that it doesn’t matter. Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful. We can live with love and feel joy every single day, regardless of what’s happening in the outside world. We can be at peace in our hearts, no matter what’s going on. We can focus our minds on the things that matter to us and work toward our dreams and goals daily, not just when all the conditions are perfect or a new year begins.

These are my plans for 2023: keep going. Have fun. Enjoy life. Love as much as I possibly can. Forgive constantly—including myself. Stretch my creative wings. Create masterpieces. Continue healing. Flourish. Grow. Evolve. Believe I can. Prove it to myself. Have fun. Never quit. Enjoy life. Be grateful I’m alive. Smile. Laugh. Sing. Dance. Live.

I hope the next twelve months bless you immeasurably. I hope you become the person you’ve always wanted to be and live a life beyond your wildest dreams.

Happy New Year.


We had a beautiful visitor today!

bald eagle in a tree
bald eagle in a tree
bald eagle in a tree

Add Redemption to your Goodreads TBR!

Cover page of Redemption

My daughter was kidnapped.
My sanctuary violated.
My best friend murdered.
My empire is crumbling before my very eyes.
There’s no retirement plan for the boogeyman.
I never cared about that before.
Now that I have a family, everything is different.
I can never put my daughter at risk again.
I don’t want this life for her.
But I can’t undo the things that I’ve done.
I can’t bring back the lives I’ve taken.
Everyone knows Lachlan Mount doesn’t deserve a second chance.
But maybe—just maybe—a man like me can still find redemption.

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