Life Advice

June 24, 2022

If you’ve ever wondered what my best life advice would be, here it is, boiled down to the very basics:

Believe in yourself.
Have faith.
Listen to your ideas.
Write them down.
Give them your attention.
Think about them.
Feed them your energy.
Keep them a secret.
Listen to your intuitive nudges.
Follow your heart.
Have fun.
See where your ideas lead.
Set crazy goals.
Write them down.
Make the most of your opportunities.
Enjoy yourself.
Ask questions.
Do your research.
Be grateful for every bit of help you get along the way.
Rest when you need it.
Take a risk when it feels right.
Make a bold move when you feel it in your gut.
Don’t get discouraged.
Trust the process.
Keep the faith—you will be tested.
Be grateful for the journey and every part of it.
And again, believe in yourself.
Believe that your dreams are possible for you.

Never forget that a life so amazing that it’s beyond your wildest dreams can totally happen for you. I know, because I’ve personally lived that magic. But you have to know one thing—it doesn’t happen to you. It happens through you. YOU are an integral part of this process. Get clear on what you want and take steps toward it. You have no idea what’s possible right now. The Universe has magic up its sleeve with your name on it, just waiting for you to make a bold move toward your dreams.


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Photo & quote by Erin Fisher – Amazon Reviewer

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