Live the life you want🙌

September 6, 2022

I have an incredible life. I’m not saying that to brag in any way. I’m just stating a fact. 10 years ago, I didn’t know a life like this was even possible.

At that time, I was miserable at my job, in my marriage, and my mortgage felt like a millstone around my neck.

So what changed?

I did.

I don’t even remember the exact moment, but it hit me one day: I want a different life. I want a bigger life.

I didn’t even know what a “bigger life” meant, but somehow I knew that’s what I needed.

The problem was, I had absolutely no idea how to dig myself out of the pit of misery, drama, stress, and toxic emotional garbage I was living in.

The next problem was that I had NO IDEA what I really wanted to do with my life. I just knew I didn’t want to be a lawyer and I didn’t want my home and marriage to be a battleground every day.

So I started doing what I could do. I started thinking. I started reading and doing research and figuring out what I could do that would make me happy. It took me a couple of years (yes, really) before I gave myself permission to never be a lawyer again and take a massive pay cut if necessary, just so I could be happy.

Then I came up with a plan. I was going to sell my big house and ditch my big mortgage, move back into my first house that had become a rental, and become an editor (so I could get paid to read) while I worked on writing my own book (if I ever figured out how to write it). I’d live simply and life would be grand.

This is where I tell you that the things I planned DID NOT happen. Actually, NOTHING went according to my plan. At all.

Instead, I found myself flung headfirst into the second hardest time of my entire life, after losing my dad.

But, while it felt like my life was going through the shredder, it was actually turning around and becoming aligned in exactly the right direction for me. A direction led me to my soul mate, a career I loved, and a life beyond my wildest dreams.

I guess my point for writing all of this is that we don’t often know what we need or how to get there. But, thankfully, the Universe does.

Figure out what you want. Think about what would make you feel like life is a celebration every single day. Keep your dreams of what you DO WANT in mind as much as you can. And then… start believing it’s possible.

The road to get there will likely include tons of surprises along the way—and twists and turns and detours—but if you stay focused on what you want, even if it’s as simple as being happy, life will help you get there.

You can do it. You can have an incredible life. You can have a life beyond your wildest dreams.

Dream big. Believe it’s possible for you. Keep your mind focused on the positives that exist today in your life and all of the awesomeness to come. Believe that the Universe wants to help you in every way it possibly can, even if there are some hairy moments along the way.

I could have never guessed in September 2012 where I’d be in September 2022. And if you’d told me how amazing my life would be… I’m not sure I would’ve believed you. I don’t know if I would’ve believed it was possible.

But I lived it, and so I can confidently report to you that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. Don’t limit yourself. Figure out what you want. Believe it’s possible for you. Then, take a step in the direction of your dreams, even if it’s a tiny one. One small step after another will take you to a completely new world, my friend. You don’t need a map. The Universe will lead the way.

All my love,

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