Volume 2! 😄

September 27, 2022

Hello Friends!!

I hope you love this new feature of our newsletter! I love sharing the things I truly love in hopes that they will benefit you as they’ve benefited me. Now, without further ado, here are a few more of Meg’s Awesome Finds:

1. Favorite New Affordable Clothing Brand for Life in the Woods and on the Farm: Smith + Rogue from North40

Life in the woods calls for a very different wardrobe than what I used to wear in Austin or Belize. I actually haven’t worn high heels in about three years. But it’s not only footwear that is different… it’s everything. While I wear quite a bit of gear from Duluth Trading Co., I’ll be honest… I feel like their ladies’ clothes leave a lot to be desired in the cuteness department for a girl like me. Enter North40, a Montana-based Tractor Supply-like store that is all over out where we live in NE Washington and Northern Idaho. This year, I discovered that not only Jake could have fun on North40 trips because I found clothes I love! The T-shirts, tank tops, and hoodies are my fave! They’re made from Pima cotton, designed in Montana, and they aren’t made in China (woohoo!!!). I get dirty a lot, and I’m able to wear these comfy, cute clothes that hold up to the wear and tear of the woods and the farm and I still look fabulous—which isn’t something I could always say about my Duluth clothes (although they DO always hold up and their Firehose Flex pants are AMAZING for outdoors). If you don’t have a North40 store near you, you can get Smith + Rogue online. I really love it and constantly jump on the new stuff I see when I go in because of the great quality and good prices. It has become a staple of my wardrobe, and I couldn’t be happier about it! Thank you, North40!

*photo by Smith + Rogue*

Shop here!

2. My Beloved Spiritual Teacher: Alana Fairchild

I’ve been a follower of spiritual teacher Alana Fairchild for the last few years, but I never really said much about it. My spiritual journey has been very intense and transformative, and it isn’t something I talk about often in detail with y’all, but I have to shine the light on Alana Fairchild’s work. It’s moving, uplifting, inspiring, and just plain wonderful. I have all of her oracle decks (and use them daily), and all of her books (and have read almost every page of every single one), and I’ve taken two of her online classes. It’s incredible, life-changing work, and I can personally attest to how much it has changed my life, Jake’s life, and the lives of those in our very small and close-knit circle. Now, I’m sharing it with you!

Alana is full of love and her spiritual teachings are truly nothing new. They’re ancient wisdom, but she offers them up in ways that are so relatable and understandable that they really permeate your consciousness and help you shift into becoming a higher vibrational and more loving being. Basically, her work has assisted me (along with the work of many others) in becoming the next, best version of myself. I highly recommend her work if that’s something you’re in the market for now or in the future.

I started with a few oracle decks and things just unfolded naturally from there. Trust your instincts and your intuition about what’s right for you and when. Alana’s energy is absolutely fabulous, and she’s beloved by spiritual seekers worldwide.

*photo by Alana Fairchild*

Sacred Rebels (Great for creativity!)
Divine Circus (Great for life!)
Alana Fairchild

3. Another show we want more episodes of: Clarkson’s Farm!

Our friends at the race track told us we HAD to watch Clarkson’s Farm on Amazon Prime. As you know, we don’t do TV (we don’t even have one in our house), but we trust our friends and we dove in. After all, they know that we’re farming and harvesting tons of potatoes right now. So, we watched it. Oh. My. Goodness. Jake was crying laughing for so many of the episodes that it was 100% worth watching. I couldn’t stop laughing at some points either. It was hilarious, especially because we have personally lived through some of the same challenges as gearhead turned farmer Jeremy Clarkson (formerly of Top Gear and The Grand Tour). I know this isn’t a new show, but it was new to us and we enjoyed our time watching it immensely. At the end of the first season, Jake said, “Now I don’t feel like a failure as a farmer AT ALL.” Talk about WORTH IT! If you’d like some entertainment from the Cotswolds and to see what it’s really like to farm, have a watch. Also, side note: we’re growing everything organically (hello fish poop fertilizer!), so we don’t do all the spraying they did and we definitely don’t have that many acres… but MAN, it was cool to see and so relatable for us. Cheers to Jeremy Clarkson (and Kaleb!) and Diddly Squat Farm. Well done, mate!

*photo by Clarkson's Farm Promo*

I hope you enjoyed this second edition of Meg’s Awesome Finds! No one is paying me anything or giving me free stuff to say any of this. These are my genuine recommendations shared purely out of love for you. I hope you enjoyed it and maybe even discovered something new of interest for yourself!

Sending love from the PNW,

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