Meg’s Summer Writing Update🙌😍

August 15, 2022

Hello, My Beautiful Friends!

I know some of you are wondering what I’ve been up to these last few months with respect to writing, so I thought I’d give you a quick update. This is what I can tell you right now: I’ve been writing books like it’s my job. Which seems appropriate, because it is.

I’ve never felt more creative in my life, and I’m allowing my creativity to run wild in any direction that it’s flowing. I’ve given myself complete freedom to create whatever I want and feel passionate about. It feels like a brand-new day creatively for me, and I’m so excited and confident that I’m creating some of my most inspiring and meaningful work yet.

So, for everyone who is wishing for more details about exactly what I’m creating, I don’t want to give you too many. It’s always been important to me to share only what I’m 100% sure is going to happen so I don’t get your hopes up and then crush them (the way so many of our hopes and hearts have been crushed by other authors).

I can tell you this, however: I’ve written my first children’s book and am collaborating with an amazing artist who entered our life as if delivered by the very hand of the Universe itself (Attention: Parents, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, and Friends—It’s going to be AWESOME!!), and I finished the first draft of my next nonfiction book (Attention: Authors and Aspiring Authors—This one is for you!!). I’ve also started three fiction novels (with romance, of course!) that I’m actively plotting and daydreaming about and writing as the scenes come to me, plus we have four more nonfiction books in process that I’m totally stoked about and can’t wait to share as I get further along (including one about healthy cooking and clean eating!!).

It’s been a busy, wonderful, incredible, productive, and yet super surprising summer here at Sanctuary Canyon Ranch (⬅️ We finally named our home and ranch too!). Life is good. So good. Words are flowing. My creativity knows no bounds. Jake and I are more in love and dedicated to each other and our amazing life than ever before. Suffice it to say that life is beautiful, even though it has taken some interesting and unexpected twists and turns. We are so grateful for every opportunity and new amazing friend who has come into our lives this summer. Our badass future is taking shape at this very moment, and we couldn’t be more excited about it.

I will have more detailed updates for you, my beautiful friend, as I feel it’s appropriate. I always want to deliver fully and completely on what I promise you, and sometimes that means I have to keep my awesome works in progress to myself during the incubation and production phases. But, books are coming and they’re going to be ones that I adore with my whole heart and soul. Books that I’m proud and excited to leave behind as part of my legacy. And who knows, maybe some of them will even help change the world for the better. After all, that’s our goal: Leaving this planet a better place than it was when we got here.

With tons of love from the PNW,

Our first potatoes!! We did a test pull, and OMG the potatoes are huge! These went directly into an amazing batch of mashed potatoes (one of our weekly staples) after we washed the dirt off. Talk about farm fresh!! They are all supposed to be ready on my birthday, so it may end up being a potato-digging party! We will keep you posted!

P.S. Portia wanted to say hi! 😍👋

*photo by selfconfidenceschool*

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