Nature Heals

June 14, 2022

I can’t say I fully understand exactly how this phenomenon works, but nature does heal human beings. Being in it, around it, spending time watching it, living in it… Nature changes you. You start to understand things about the bigger picture in life rather than simply getting bogged down in your own personal drama playing out. For me, it brings peace and calm and awe and wonderment.

Before, I was so busy doing things that were too “important” to be bothered to slow down and pay attention to nature. I was ignorant of how many important lessons I was missing by ignoring its beauty, majesty, seasons, cycles, and truths.

Now, I wander the woods, spending time staring at a few square feet of the forest floor, delighted by the myriad different types of moss and mushrooms and life growing all around it. I even hug trees. Almost every single day. It helps me ground my body, and it feels amazing.

The more connected I am to nature, the better I feel about my life and the world in general. I see the cycles and seasons play out. I see how much growth can happen in such a short period of time. I see that pruning back something only leads to a burst of new life—not stagnation and death. I see how sometimes things seem to be going backward when in reality, backward is forward. I see how animals spend time staring off at beautiful vistas, just like we humans do. And also, just like us, they love to play. Nature will teach you things. Nature can heal you. I had no idea that all I had to do was pay attention to it and soak up its genius and love.

Now, back into the woods, I go…

We are officially potato farmers! They are growing!!!! Such a joy to see we are doing this thing for real!

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