Prized Possession😍

October 24, 2022

Just the other night, Jake and I had a friend come inside our house for the first time, and Jake made me smile so big when he said, “Want to see our prized possession?”

I’m sure our friend was expecting something expensive and fancy, but you should’ve seen his face when Jake showed him this.

“It’s the day we met. Someone made us dolls based on the picture. Isn’t it awesome?”

Our friend thought it was the coolest, of course, because it is.

Jake and I have both lost everything before. For him, it was the deadly Joplin, Missouri F-5 tornado, and for me, it was a total loss house fire. We both learned that things are just things. But still, this thing is the coolest. Massive thanks to @hooksanddreams for making these amazing dolls that we prize so greatly.



We are abundant!! Oh my goodness!! What a wonderful, incredible harvest for our first year at Gratitude Gardens! We have zillions of potatoes, tons of pumpkins, corn, and more. Jake farmed like a champ for his first year. I couldn’t be more proud of my amazing husband and his redneck ingenuity. Next year… more potatoes! We love being potato farmers! It’s truly amazing. If you’ve ever wanted to grow something, try growing potatoes! We have been loving our fried breakfast taters and mashed potatoes for months. I never want to buy potatoes at the store ever again! Cheers to being a farmer!

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