November 1, 2022

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For everyone who feared that we had disappeared forever, an important time has finally come!! JAKE AND I ARE BOTH FINALLY COMING BACK TO DO SOME BOOK SIGNINGS!!!

We talked it over in the kitchen one evening recently. We both miss seeing and hugging all of you a freaking ton. We miss sharing your smiles and excitement and fun. There’s just nothing else quite like it.

When Lisa Renee Jones sent me one final email to ask if we’d come join her and all of her awesome friends and staff in Denver from March 30 – April 2, 2023, I just couldn’t say no. It felt like we had finally come full circle. All the conditions were right. It was time. The perfect signing had arrived to reemerge into the world.

You see, I pulled out of Book Bonanza 2019, my very last book signing and the only one of that particular year, because my precious baby girl Brooklyn was sick and I couldn’t leave her.

She’d been with me since I was 20. We’d been through hell and back together. 15 and a half years wasn’t nearly enough with her. She was special. Ultimately, I felt I’d made the right choice about staying home because she passed away about a month later. During that last month I had with her, I remember being overwhelmed with gratitude that we were able to take all of the measures we could to try to save her. Money wasn’t an issue. It didn’t matter how much it cost, I would’ve paid anything to save my baby girl and allow her to live the longest life she possibly could. Ultimately, we have to accept sometimes that there are things money can’t buy, and we had to say goodbye to her. But just like when I lost my baby Bear who I immortalized as my beloved Huckleberry Finn in Beneath This Mask, I knew I had done everything I could. Thankfully, what I couldn’t afford for Bear’s treatment at the time, my dad paid for, even though he was allergic to dogs and couldn’t even pet him. Not everyone has generous publishing royalties or an amazing dad to pitch in though, so Lisa, her husband, and her assistant Julie started Julie’s Place, a charity to help out. It was the same thing I wanted to do after Brooky passed, but it got hung up with lawyers and never got off the ground. Clearly, the Universe knew better, because Julie’s Place exists!

When the stars align so beautifully, what can you do but be led by the path before you? We are coming back!!!! If you have tickets to Readers Take Denver, WE WILL SEE YOU THERE!! If you don’t have tickets yet, but want to come see us at the only signing on our calendar for 2023—so far—get on it whenever you can!

Signing info here:

Meg and Jake with race cars
Meg and Jake with race cars
Meg and Jake with race cars

Sending you tons of love,

Readers Take Denver link
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