The Truth About How Often I Workout

July 6, 2022

Here’s the truth about how often I really work out:

For the last few years, I’ve averaged about 3 days per week lifting in the gym.

Sometimes I’d get going on a stretch and hit it 5 times per week, and sometimes I skip weeks entirely. I’m digging back in to be more consistent because I love how I feel when I work out more regularly, but even with all the days (and weeks… and sometimes a month here and there) of working out that I’ve missed, I’ve still managed to keep myself in awesome shape—with way less effort than I ever thought possible. How though? What’s the secret?

Our super clean eating, healthy, ultra low stress, and active lifestyle. I don’t eat garbage food, I move my body often, I drink tons of water, and I don’t really do stress anymore. It’s been years in the making!

We rarely eat out and I can almost count on one hand the processed foods we eat regularly (tortillas, tortilla chips, condiments, edibles, etc.). Old me would never have believed any of this was (a) possible or (b) worth it. I couldn’t imagine a life without peanut M&Ms once upon a time. Now, you couldn’t pay me to put them in my mouth. I care way too much about what I put in my body to consider consuming artificial dyes and chemicals I can’t pronounce anymore. I could never have predicted that I would change in this way.

I honestly never would have believed any of this about myself if someone would have told me seven years ago. Heck, even five years ago. But here I am, with the body of my dreams, happy living a healthy lifestyle that includes mostly only whole foods, very little sugar, lots of water, consistent movement, and tons of love. It’s way more simple than I ever would have guessed, and a million times more rewarding than I could have imagined! 💪🏻🙌🏻😍

With love from the PNW,


#Throwback to the day Jake was using some of his equipment (that I’ve yet to play with) to place our hen house so our chicks could have a home in their brand new coop. We have full-grown chickens now! More pics soon!

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