Things I’ve Learned Along The Way

May 20, 2022

A few things I’ve learned along the way:

It’s more important for YOU to love yourself than for anyone else to love you.

It’s more important for YOU to think you’re awesome than for anyone else to think you’re awesome.

It’s more important for YOU to like yourself than for anyone else to like you.

It’s more important for YOU to believe in yourself than for anyone else to believe in you.

It’s more important that YOU trust yourself than it is for anyone else to trust you.

It’s more important for YOU to approve of yourself than for anyone else to approve of you.

You matter. You’re it.

How YOU feel about YOU is more important than how anyone else feels about you. Ever.

You’re amazing. Start believing it and acting like it and prepare to be amazed at how your world begins to shift.

I felt the urge to share this and send you tons of love today. Never forget how awesome you truly are! And if you haven’t figured that out yet for yourself, then what are you waiting for? There’s a lot more to you than you may realize. Thank you so much for being part of my journey. 🙏♥️


I’ve discovered a new love in my life: conscious dance. I’d never heard of such a thing before reading Alana Fairchild’s work, but now that I’ve started incorporating it into my life, I love it! What is conscious dance? It’s moving your body to whatever music lifts your heart up and helps you ground yourself in your body. I dance without thinking about anything, including how I look. I just… flow. It is its own form of meditation. An expression of the divine feminine. And it’s wonderful! I highly suggest dancing around your living room while no one else is home, without a care in the world. It elevates my mood, makes me smile, gets my heart pumping, and sometimes, beautiful, consciousness-shifting realizations hit me when I’m simply focused on moving my body for the sheer joy of being alive. What a gift!

Love Your Inner Goddess Cards: An Oracle to Express your Divine Feminine Spirit

This luscious oracle deck has been created to help you tune in to your intuition, fire up your creativity, and celebrate your sacred feminine spirit. This oracle kit―featuring Lisa Ferrante’s inspiring art and Alana Fairchild’s spiritual guidance―provides the support you need to discover and express your true purpose. It’s time to love your inner goddess, as you live with playfulness and courage, straight from the heart.


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