TODAY IS THE BIG DAY! New book + community launch!

March 15, 2023

Today is the day!!! I have TWO huge launches happening TODAY!!! WOOOHOOO!!

First, my newest book, A Creative Rebel’s Guide To Writing Amazing Fiction is out.

I was having some new photos taken last weekend and, while holding this book in my hands, I had this moment of pure gratitude and pride.

I put my heart and soul into this book in hopes that it would serve many on their creative journeys. I hope it helps you make all of your dreams come true. You never know what incredible changes can happen in your life when you learn to write amazing fiction!

Meg reading CRGWAF

I cannot WAIT for you to read this piece of my heart. It truly covers every single thing I could think of to help support you in your writing journey. These are my tried-and-true trade secrets that I honed over writing 39 fiction books, 35 of which became bestsellers.

Get the book here. I can’t wait to hear what you think!

AND…. my next super exciting announcement!!! My brand new community is LIVE!! We’ve thrown open the doors and we cannot wait to welcome you in to Rebels + Runaways!

This is a 100% positive, supportive, uplifting community for Runaway Readers and Creative Rebels. This is where you will find ME, all of my exclusive content, wonderful like-minded friends, awesome discussions, and more! Also, you can join my inner circle and become a Meghan March Superfan and get even more of ME and my never before seen videos and behind-the-scenes action!

R+R motto graphic

To hear more about Rebels + Runaways before you join, click here.

To skip the details and join us immediately, click here.

We CANNOT WAIT to welcome you into this magical community of awesomeness AND for you to read this amazing book!

Sending you big hugs and tons of love on this momentous day!


Have some questions about the book release? Let’s get those answered…

Q: What if I’ve already pre-ordered the book with my preferred retailer?

A: No problem! Your preorder will arrive as previously scheduled on March 28, 2023. However, if you want to read or listen to it earlier, you can cancel your preorder and purchase the ebook or audiobook on March 15th on

Q: How do I read or listen to a book purchased on

A: It’ll be super easy! You can read on your preferred ereader and to listen, all you have to do is download the BookFunnel app and your purchase will appear there right after you check out, ready to devour!

Q: Is this a one-time thing or will it become normal to release your books early on

A: Great question! I always want to get my work into the hands of my readers and listeners as soon as I possibly can, so I’m planning to release all of my upcoming work first on

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