Vision Board Follow-up

May 11, 2022

Did You Make Your Vision Board?

We did!! Jake and I spent hours having fun and dreaming so big on our living room floor.

I totally never would’ve believed these vision boards could be so powerful if I hadn’t experienced it personally.

As we were making ours, another reason occurred to me about why vision boards are so awesome: making a vision board forces you to really figure out what you want your life to look like.

Getting clear on what you want or what feels good to you is a huge step in life! Many people never put any conscious effort into designing their life, and it shows. But that’s okay because whatever is right for each person is awesome.

Making my first vision board really helped me hone in on what’s important to me and how I want to feel daily—loved, supported, inspired, and free to create whatever my soul desires.

Plus, they can really help you identify your heart-centered desires, even if some of them seem totally insane, wild, and way far out there! Then again, are they? Or is it just your mind that thinks they’re too far out of reach?

I’ve had some pretty insane dreams and wishes in my heart, and I can tell you that even if your mind can’t see a way that they can ever happen in your life—they can totally come true. My life is living proof of this. It’s because of my personal experiences with the generosity of the Universe that I believe anything is possible. ANYTHING.

Don’t worry or stress if you haven’t had time to make yours yet. The timing isn’t as key, in my view, as the simple act of creating the vision board. I made my first one in late November of 2014, and it all came true (except the part I changed my mind about). It’s the making it and the continued looking at it that matters a lot more than the date you do it. You don’t have to force yourself to do something you’re not ready to do, but definitely leave the door open for the possibility to create one in your future if you’re not quite ready yet. Whenever you’re ready, it’s a perfect time. The Universe knows what it’s doing! And if this email is the little push you need to start thinking about what you would put on a vision board that you’d like to see come to life in your future, then awesome!

Above all, trust the timing of your life. It really is all working out perfectly, even if you can’t see how right now.

Sending you blessings and love for the most beautiful, magical, and inspired future available to you.


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