Let’s Talk Vision Boards

June 10, 2022

It’s almost vision board day! Woohoo!!

It may feel a bit odd to some to be planning and envisioning a beautiful, bright, and loving future when it appears like the entire world has gone crazy and talking heads on TV are throwing around phrases like “World War III” and “nuclear-armed powers,” but this is EXACTLY the time for us to be envisioning our boldest, most beautiful vision of a loving, amazing, fulfilling and incredible future.

Why am I so confident about this? Because, in the immortal words of REM, “It’s the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine!”

Did you sing that with me? I’ve been singing those words a LOT lately, with great joy. No, for real. Total joy. Because it’s true. The world we knew and have always known is ending in many ways, but I maintain that this is AMAZING, WONDERFUL, and perfectly timed.

All this crap we’ve been going through, personally and collectively, is divinely timed and meant to happen. That’s why it’s happening. But keep in mind, we’re not just experiencing an ending, because with all endings come new beginnings. We are witnessing the birth of something beautiful, and as I’ve been told repeatedly by mothers and felt personally with my books, birth comes with some pains. But those pains are worth it. Holding that new baby in your arms, or for me, sending a beautiful book out into the world, makes everything I went through to get to that point totally and completely worth it.

It’s the same when birthing a new world, which is what we’re experiencing, even if it looks and feels like a divinely orchestrated cluster-f*#k at times.

Instead of feeling fear at the appearance of what’s happening on the world stage, which will continue to shift and change no matter what, we find it more empowering to use our energy instead to get clear and intentional about what we want our new beautiful future to include and send that message off to the Universe in a way it cannot be misinterpreted.

One of the most excellent ways we know to do that is with new vision boards! Because it’s almost time!!

I used to make my vision boards on January 1st or around the start of the calendar year, but after reading the book New Moon Astrology by Jan Spiller a couple years ago, we totally changed our timing to her method, which makes more intuitive sense.

Now, we make our vision boards on the day of or the day following the first new moon of the new astrological year, which occurs after the Spring Equinox, in the sign of Aries—which is this Friday, April 1st (in our time zone)!

It’s time to grab your magazines or pull up your Pinterest board or saved pictures and collect everything you need so that you’re ready on April 1st, 2022, after 1:26am EST to make your vision board. Jan Spiller actually calls these Spring Equinox Treasure Maps in her book, which I find delightful, but I still call them vision boards. Also, Jan notes that your wishes can be made up to 48 hours after the new moon, but are most potent within the first 8 hours, adjusted for your time zone and daylight time.

The biggest point about timing is not to start early. Wait until the clock strikes the perfect time, and then begin cutting and pasting your vision for a beautiful future on your vision board.

Our vision boards have always been wildly powerful. Everything on my first vision board (made in 2014) CAME TRUE (with the exception of the one thing I changed my mind about). It was AMAZING! And Jake just peeled two things off his vision board made last year at this time because he realized he actually got them! This stuff works! For real!

For best results, go deep into your heart and truly get in touch with what your heart and soul want for your future. Choose words and images that fill your heart with love and joy and excitement. Don’t pick the stuff you feel like you “should want”. Skip that and go for what really makes your heart sing and leap with joy, even if they’re not the things you thought you would want and be excited about. As you can tell, you really have to check your ego at the door for this process. Ego desires will not produce the same fulfilling results as heart-centered urges. Really allow yourself to dream. Take all limits off. It doesn’t matter what life looks like right now. Believe that you can have a beautiful future (despite the batsh!t craziness outside) and put time and thought into what you would want your future to look like, as if you were designing it and sculpting it yourself.

The pictures don’t have to be an exact representation of what you envision. They just have to represent the essence of what you want. When I made my first vision board, I had a photo of a man and woman walking down a railroad track, holding hands as they balanced on the rails. That was representative to me of the kind of unconditionally loving relationship I wanted in my life. One built on trust and always helping each other and feeling supported and loved every day. It worked. I got the most amazing relationship I could ever imagine (although it takes work, every day, but it’s work I love doing)!

Don’t be surprised when eventually you and your life change, and you start to recognize things from your vision board that have manifested in your reality. It really happens! People have realized after the fact that they actually were living in the house on their vision board. I’m telling you, it’s true! We are proof and so are so many other people! Take some time and get into your heart. It’s worth it.

Oh, and one more thing—once it’s done, put your vision board somewhere you’ll see it all the time. You want to see and be excited about those pictures often so they sink down into your subconscious with feelings of joyful anticipation so the Universe can go to work, helping you line up your most beautiful, fulfilling future in ways you can’t even imagine are possible right now. All you have to do is dream and believe.

Have fun and let your heart lead you! I can’t wait to hear about the magic you create in your life!


2014 Vision Board

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