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Helloooooo, beautiful!

At this point, you may not be shocked that I have another surprise for you in the way of releases. This time, it’s a passion project that is helping make a new friend’s childhood dream come true. And if you know anything about me, you might know that I’m incredibly passionate about helping people’s dreams come true!

Josh Woods & Beatrice drawings

First, let me introduce you to Josh Woods. He’s a world-famous tattoo artist, and you might have seen him on Ink Master Season 1. Josh used to sit at his kitchen table in Northern Michigan and draw cartoons while his mom painted watercolors. He said that someday he wanted to be an illustrator. While Josh has spent over 20 years drawing on human canvas with ink, he wanted to illustrate a children’s book.

Through serendipity and Jake’s love of Josh’s epic bulldog tattoos, life brought us together, and Josh asked me if I’d be interested in helping make this dream happen. I didn’t even hesitate. I said yes immediately. It just so happened that Jake and my 99-year-old grandmother had both wanted me to write a children’s book. It was fate.

Now, I’m so proud to introduce our first creation and brand-new series, Beatrice. The Beatrice series follows Josh’s hairless cat named Beatrice who doesn’t care that she has no hair because being weird is the best way to be.

The day the idea came to me, I sent it to Josh, and he told me that it was his birthday! It’s like the stars couldn’t have aligned anymore perfectly!

We’d love to have you help us launch Beatrice into the world so this adorable book with a great lesson can find its way into the hands of parents and kids all over the world. If you’re interested in posting about Beatrice, we would be honored to have you participate in all of our release activities. You will also have the opportunity to win a Beatrice hardcover signed by yours truly and Josh!

We’re so excited to share this project with the world. Thank you to everyone who comes along for the ride. We’re just getting started!

Love you all!! Thank you for everything you do and everything you’ve done. You’re my hero. I get to live my dream in part because of you. I am forever grateful.



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beatrice and a bee

In a world of ordinary, why not be extraordinary? Meet Beatrice…she’s not like anybody else.

Beatrice is a cat with no hair who believes weird is a code word for awesome.

Beautifully and uniquely illustrated with a fun rhyming style, Beatrice is a classic for any family library.

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