When the workouts start really paying off!! 💪

September 19, 2022

Whoa!! I bought this dress over 6 years ago on that epic Dublin trip with Amy Daws at a secondhand store in Temple Bar. It was two sizes too small, but I bought it anyway. And holy crap… let me tell you… it didn’t look like this then.

Once upon a time, I asked Jake, “How long will it take for me to get fit?” His response was totally unsatisfactory to that Meggan.

“As long as it takes. One day, you’ll just be fit.”

“But how long is that? Like ballpark,” I asked.

And then he turned to me and said, “So this is what you do… you eat clean and workout and keep doing that and then you wait. And then you wait. And you… keep waiting. And then… keep waiting. And when you get sick of waiting, you’re just getting started. But one day, when you least expect it, YOU ARE THERE. Then, it’s easy to maintain. Because you ARE IT. It’s who you are.”

Well, I’m happy to report for the millionth time times twelve to the second power… Jake was right. He spoke truth. Even when I didn’t want to hear it. Even when it sucked to think about how long that might be. But he told me straight. And damn, he was right big time. One day, when I least expected it, I was just… FIT.

It was totally worth it. Every moment. Every day. Every meal. Every rep. I love how I feel, I love who I am, and I love my body! And, I love that a beautiful dress I was hopeful enough to buy at a secondhand store in Dublin over six years ago will finally be worn.

And holy wow… I knew never this was possible for me. I never knew I could be this woman. But I’m seeing her in the mirror. So clearly… it’s possible. I AM HER!

Jake’s reply to that: “Guess who isn’t surprised.”

He knew all along. I just didn’t believe him. I’m serious, my friends. BELIEVING something is possible is so freaking important. No one else ever has to know how you see yourself in your head. But what if that vision in your head became what you saw in a mirror? Whoa, right? Believe it’s possible for you! It works!

It’s the Jake Effect, I’m telling you.

With intention, commitment, and patience, anything is possible!

Meg in green dress photo

Sending you tons of love,

My fluffy bunny shadow wanted to say hello. 😍

photo of Portia

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