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How Meghan March became one of the top names in romance—while self-publishing

Living A Love Story

Meg & Jake’s true-life romance & how it has shaped their books

Becoming Your True Self

Meg & Jake’s path to self-discovery, embracing health, and becoming inspiration for every person to live their happily ever after

About Meg & Jake

It started like a fairytale romance and now they live happily ever after, growing organic food and living a life beyond their wildest dreams on their private slice of paradise in the Pacific Northwest. Whether they’re gardening in the Gratitude Gardens, writing Meghan March novels, Creative Rebel nonfiction, or children’s books, hanging out with friends and fans in Rebels + Runaways, or driving their amazing cars (safely) as fast as they possibly can, Meg and Jake do everything together. A true power couple and dynamic duo, they do all things with love and for the glory of God. Their inspiring love story and lifestyle have lifted up the hearts of millions across the globe, and they’re only just getting started.


"Meghan writes the hottest females & pairs them with even hotter men! Her stories are smart, sexy & check off every fantasy you didn't even know you had. They're worth the binge. Who needs sleep?"
J. Sterling
NYT Bestselling Author
"Meghan writes compelling stories that suck readers in. She is the Queen of romance with suspense."
Shh Moms Reading
"Meghan March is such a gifted writer that I can’t believe she writes such great plots & characters while also having an impressive number of books to her name."
Pen & Lady
"Meghan March never fails to dazzle
with her unique tales.
Each book is delicious!"
Pepper Winters
NYT Bestselling Author
"One thing about Meghan March: You never know what the heck will happen. She isn't afraid to take her stories places that others never venture to. As soon as you are sure things are one way, you find out you are wrong."
Ana's Attic
"Meghan March has a gift for creating breathtakingly unique characters you fall in love with & never want to let go."
Catherine Cowles
USA Today Bestseller
Stories simmer like pots on the stove of my mind...when it's time, I know I have to get the book out to the world.
I don't plan any of it, it just happens! My mind is a crazy place.

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Where Meg & Jake give back

Julie's Friends

Meg & Jake are passionate about animals & intervening for life-saving care. They support Julie’s Friends, whose mission is to give financial aid to low-income families whose pets are in need of non-emergency medical care. No family should have to say goodbye early to a pet because they cannot afford necessary treatment, nor should they have to choose between their own livelihood & that of their pet once they are burdened with the financial costs of treating a pet they love.

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