We are only 4 days away from the release of my newest (and first children’s!) book, Beatrice. Eeeeep!

If you haven’t explored the story (or the story behind the story) and gotten on the waitlist, be sure to do that here!

Beatrice is a story that we were passionate about telling because it speaks on a theme Jake, Josh, and I have all dealt with in the past – being different. 

If you’re anything at all like us, peer pressure (both in school and as an adult) can make you want to conform. To be “normal”. To blend in.

But in our heart of hearts? We don’t blend in at all!

We’re different. Just as you are. Just as the kids in your life are.


We want every child to celebrate their own special flavor of “weird”—to embrace being different because it’s the absolute best way to be!

So, as we count down to Beatrice’s official release, think of the kids (or kids at heart) you think may appreciate this message the most.

We would be honored to have you put this book in those precious hands so they can celebrate their uniqueness and know how important it is.


Explore the Making of Beatrice Below!

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